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How to use GNIS codes

Hi everyone,

Since some fips code change between to census campaign due to renaming or stuff like that, I was thinking of trying to use GNIS codes (hoping they don't change as much). It says here : 'Every query must include a geography, and this API supports both FIPS and GNIS geography codes.'. However I was not able to find an example of url that use it so I don't know what the 'for' argument should be. Could somebody give me an idea of what it looks like ?

Thanks in advance


Submitted by ablaise 7 months ago


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    7 months ago

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  1. Ablaise,

    Unfortunately, not all datasets have GNIS geography IDs. You can find documentation for those that do at under the "Examples and Supported Geography" for the particular dataset.

    For example, the geography documentation for 2010 SF1 at

    has the following example:


    7 months ago
  2. Hi All,

    BTW, the GNIS codes can be found here:

    1 month ago