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Perhaps its obvious, but not taking chances ... this is a request to have ACS 2012 1 year and ACS 2012 5 year datasets available when released or soon thereafter. The ACS 2011 scope of geography would be great. 113th congressional districts should be available with the 1 year estimates. It is requested that ACS 2012 (and 2011) 1 year and 5 year subject matter be extended by adding the demographic profiles (dp2 ... dp5). Requesting these be accessible with table/item number like dp2, not discrete item numbers. This would of course expand on the number of items downloadable in one call, but is highly desirable.


Requesting data from other agencies -- BLS CEW quarterly data with county, metro, state, US geos with NAICS detail to 6 digits, type of owner and access to the approximate 10 subject matter items, updated quarterly.


Thank you.



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