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acs.R Webinar: Aug. 29

On August 29, the Orange County R User Group will host a webinar on "Analyzing Demographic Data with the new acs R package."


This free one-hour on-line event will provide a general introduction to an R package that provides a general toolkit for downloading, managing, analyzing, and presenting data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey using the Census API.


Speaker: Ezra Haber Glenn, Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; maintainer, acs.R package


Moderator: Ray DiGiacomo, President of The Orange County R User Group


To register, visit:


For more information on the acs package, please visit:




This event is brought to you by The Orange County R User Group.


Please note that in addition to attending from your laptop or desktop computer, you can also attend from a Wi-Fi connected iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet by installing the GoToMeeting App.



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