Application Ideas

National Quality of Life App

This practical App harnesses the power of Census data and other real-time data to increase every citizen’s Quality of Life. The application uses historical crime and safety data, along with real-time crime alerts to warn local citizens of a nearby crime-in-progress. The app allows citizens to report potential crimes by snapping pictures and videos, which are shared instantly with local authorities and neighbors. Citizens ...more »


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Bugs / Problems

more than four variables?

I can't seem to get more than four variables to return. When I run this query: http://api.census.gov/data/2010/acs5?key={key}&get=B08101_017E,B08101_017M,B08101_025E,B08101_025M,B08101_033E,B08101_033M,B08101_041E,B08101_041M&for=tract:*&in=state:41+county:005 I get an error like this: error: error: unknown variable 'B08101_033E,B08101_033M,B08101_041E,B08101_041M' When I run the query with only the first four variables ...more »


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