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ACS2010 sf1 table mapping

I am trying to make sense of the table name convention for the ACS data.


Unlike the 2010 Census SF1 document (http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/doc/sf1.pdf), the tables listed in the 2010 ACS SF1 document (http://www2.census.gov/acs2010_5yr/summaryfile/ACS_2006-2010_SF_Tech_Doc.pdf) don't seem to correlate to the api.


For example, an attempt to query:


B07010: Geographical Mobility In The Past Year By Individual Income In The Past 12 Months For Current Residence In The United States


Results in the error: 'Invalid API key or request'


In looking at api examples for the ACS endpoints, you use table names like B00001_001E, which are not listed with in the ACS sf1 documentation. As an example, B02001_00E is listed as Total Population, but according to the ACS SF1 document the table number for Total Population is B01003.


Is there logic or a mapping of the ACS SF1 table names to the required API SF1 table names?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






Updating for the sake of posterity. A listing of the api field names can be found here:


Census SF1:






It appears that with the ACS datapoints, the table name is converted to field names to take into account Estimates and Margins of Error.


Reference the XML instead of the SF1 PDFs when accessing the API.



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