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Determine street address from different geo coordinates trending idea

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Is there a proven formula to match up slightly different lat/lng values to a street address without submitting both of them to a Geocoding service (since we've already done so and don't want to make a second api call).


eg. The following coordinates are for the same street address (55 Church Street zip code 07505), but one set points to the building and the other to the street.


lat : 40.9170109 long: -74.1702248


lat: 40.9171216 long: -74.1704997


So suppose we already have one set of Geo-coordinates in our database and want to match them up with another set coming from an API so that both are for the same street address even if the smaller decimal points don't match up exactly. Is this possible, and if so, is there a standard formula / method we can use.


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