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Export Market Finder

This app uses Census Foreign Trade data to provide users with a quick and easy tool to perform export market research. The application uses official U.S. export statistics to calculate the current unit price of selected U.S. exported commodities to foreign markets. The application gives exporters a valuable tool to help determine price points for entering their goods into new markets and to see global pricing trends.


A user uses the application by typing in their 6-digit commodity code or product description. Then, the application prompts the user to select a country or gives them an option to sort countries by unit price. Then, the application displays average unit prices for their selected commodity and countries over a 5-year history, including year-to-date data.


Foreign Trade can provide files with all the needed export data to produce the application. The files contain all the export records with their associated commodity classification, value, and quantity information. Foreign Trade can also provide a reference file, which includes all the valid 6-digit commodity codes and commodity descriptions. These files are all the coders need to produce the application.


The application can be updated monthly with the most up to date export statistics. This will give users of the app a reason to keep coming back and using the application. There is also room for further improvement and development of the application after the app is launched. The app can be improved and expanded by adding export resources such as information and links to the SBA Export Loan Program, U.S. Commercial Service’s Gold Key matchmaking service, and other export data such as the average cost of insurance and freight.


Example images of how the application would look on an Iphone are attached.


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