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Hello everyone,


This is a question requiring some general direction and also some technical help:


I would like to automatically (daily, weekly?) upload ACS reports by county (all 3200+) into a database hosted locally. My boss wants it in MS Access (this is not up for debate, I have tried).


From MS Access, we'd like to be able to extract the fields we need to populate a .xls file or any other format. Eventually, even build a website.


I started this project using basic API tools to build tables but these tables are always hosted on a web-page. Is there a way to have the tables -all- exported into the MS Access database directly? Then we can pull down from our own database for whatever needs we may have.


I'd love to try this first on a simple output such as population estimates for one year, all counties.


Perhaps I don't even need the API key to do this, but we do want this to be automated--i.e. no more going to census website to individually download every report multiple times a week.


Thank you,



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