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List of all Legislature District "names"

I need a list of all the states' legislature's district names. I will use this list as the definitive list of district names that data is mapped to. I tried to use the " Census Name Lookup Tables" found here:

but there are many district names that don't map properly to the district names returned by the 2012-5yr-ACS API. So, for example, if I submit the query:*&in=state:50

then many of the district names will not map to the ones I got from the table lookup data. (See below)


Question: Is there a way to know all of the possible legislative district names that will be returned by the API?


[EDIT] I believe these are called SLDU and SLDL 3 digit codes as described at:




------ Problems with State 50 -----------------

District not found for state 50:LOWER:A-R

District not found for state 50:LOWER:B-R

District not found for state 50:LOWER:C-1

District not found for state 50:LOWER:C-3

.... MANY MORE ...


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