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Query string errors

I have the following query strings for the sf1_2010.xml, sf1_2000.xml, and sf1_1990.xml respectively. All query strings are the same format, just different query values:


1) http://api.census.gov/data/2010/sf1?key=a8e19a47c9c91ffa82c63c0f383ebbe8d7b3fa55&get=P0070001,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:*


2) http://api.census.gov/data/2000/sf1?key=a8e19a47c9c91ffa82c63c0f383ebbe8d7b3fa55&get=EXTCITIN,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:*


3) http://api.census.gov/data/1990/sf1?key=a8e19a47c9c91ffa82c63c0f383ebbe8d7b3fa55&get=CONCITCC,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:*


Query string #1 works like a charm and returns me data. Query string #2 gives me the exception "There was an error while running your query. We've logged the error and we'll correct it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience." Finally, for Query string #3, I got the error ""error: error: unknown variable 'NAME'"


These query strings were copied and pasted directly into the browsers url box. Interestingly, when I removed from Query string #3 the "NAME" token, I did get a result set, but data was lacking in one of the fields. A partial sample of the result set:







You will notice that the first column is blank. Is there something I'm missing?





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