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This app provides entrepreneurs granular data to help them choose the location for a new business based on local population characteristics and existing businesses.


In its first iteration, Startup will provide results based on a limited set of location-based criteria:

• Number of related businesses per capita

• Population

• Median income


Startup asks the user to enter a zip code, and to choose a business from a list of NAICS codes. The interface will provide a map similar to the County Business heat map displaying the number of specified businesses in any given area. Rolling over a geography will display a pop-up containing the three data points. Users will be able to zoom into specific geographies (level to be determined.)


Subsequent iterations of the app will allow users to take advantage of larger set of criteria that could be deemed relevant to the business owner. Potential criteria include:

• Weather

• Median age

• Education

• Community

• Marital status

• Geography

• Commute

• Occupation



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