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Access Micro-data for Blocks

I'm working on a school project with 2010 Census data.

Currently, we are getting tract-level data using codes from to get data.

For example, to find the white 65-year old males in a county's tracts, we make the API call:[key]&get=PCT012I068,NAME&for=tract:*&in=state:08+county:059

However, when making the same call at a block... more »


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Using Data

Getting null from ACS block-group query

For ACS data - is there a way to tell which codes are valid for tracts vs block group?

Some codes work for both, some return "null" when the block-group level is queried.

For example, the following url works for the tract level:,NAME&for=tract:*&in=state:08+county:059

But using the same code, it returns null for the... more »


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Bugs / Problems

Error in Census 2010 API document ?

Hi All,

I believe that the Census 2010 API documentation ( has an error for the table: P12A. Sex By Age (White Alone).

It appears that both P012A026 and P012A049 are attributed as Female: !! 85 years and over.

I believe that P012A026 should be 'Female' (as in the total of all females.

BTW - I have *not* checked the data as of yet. The data could be correct with... more »


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