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High Risk/Vulnerable Individuals

To help local governments better plan for disaster recovery for their residents, it would helpful to know which areas contained high risk/vulnerable individuals. These individuals might include the elderly, small children, disabled individuals, those who are language isolated, and those who do not have access to a vehicle. Creation of heat maps, or other visualizations of these populations can help emergency management... more »


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Community Profiles

We wanted to share our Community Profiles site. It was originally launched in Rhode Island. Our new design is also being rolled out in Pennsylvania. Site is designed to provide easy access to community data. The goal has been to combine Census API data with other community data!

Current Version:
New (Beta) Version:

We looked to provide an easy way... more »


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National Quality of Life App

This practical App harnesses the power of Census data and other real-time data to increase every citizen’s Quality of Life. The application uses historical crime and safety data, along with real-time crime alerts to warn local citizens of a nearby crime-in-progress.

The app allows citizens to report potential crimes by snapping pictures and videos, which are shared instantly with local authorities and neighbors. Citizens... more »


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