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Feature Requests

Lotus Notes Calendar needs to integrate with SharePoint.

SharePoint is gainig ground as the primary collaborative platform in the Bureau. For any collaborative team (Teamsites in SharePoint) a SharePoint Calendar is available but either not used or out of sync, or manually replicated with Notes Calendar. Can we live without a real integration to Notes Calendar for long?


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Bugs / Problems

Duplicate (and incorrect) "Female 85 years and older" variable

I'm examining a tract in NYC. I found two different codes (P0120026 and P0120049) whose label and concept match exactly:

"label": "Female: !! 85 years and over",
"concept": "P12. Sex By Age [49]"

Furthermore, they return VASTLY different values. See queries below:[key]&get=P0120049,NAME&for=block:*&in=state:36+county:061+tract:004200[key]&get=P0120026,NAME&for=block:*&in=state:36+county:061+tract:004200... more »