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Median household income by Census Block or Census Block Group

I need so assistance in creating an API to pull Median Household Income based on a specific address or if that creates a geocoding problem, i have Lat/long coordinates already. My response from the call should be able to provide me with a dollar amount or a percent over national median household income. The result will be used in an equation. I have a key already.


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Application Showcase

EnergyZip allows you to explore electricity usage across the five boroughs of New York City and compare your usage against predicted future use, to your neighbors and to the city. We invite you to enter your recent electricity usage and, from this data and the average seasonal modulation for US households, we predict what your electricity consumption will be for the rest of the year and how... more »


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Using Data

Age and Income Data by Household

Hi, I am attempting to examine households within a given geography, and would like to count the number of households which fill certain income and age constraints. For example:
Household contains person age 12
Household income between $50k and $60k

Is this possible using the ACS 3-year tables? When I load a generic tabulation, I know the fields exist (age, income, location) but I cannot get the conditional results (%... more »


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