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America's Economy Mobile App

Available on Apple and Android: Take the pulse of the U.S. Economy straight from your phone. The America‚Äôs Economy app provides real-time updates for 19 key economic indicators released from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Bureau of Economic Analysis. Key economic measures on employment, manufacturing, international trade, retail sales, and residential construction and sales allow those who follow... more »


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API Technical Discussions

'Get' variables for Economic Indicators Time Series data

The link at provides us with most of the information we need to use the API to access data for Residential Construction in the "Economic Indicators Time Series" data. What appears to be missing are variables for the "get" parameter. Manually downloaded data sets (non-api) do not reveal or hint at any variables that could be used either. So maybe there is... more »


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America's Economy App as an Innovation Platform

We have published a very successful mobile application of economic indicators. Now help us take this app to the next level. What other indicators or mashups are possible to deliver timely information or services? How can we build upon this app to be a foundation for deriving valuable insights through big data and analytics?


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