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Facebook Places / Foursquare + ACS 5-yr Mashup

A fun app that imports a users foursquare / facebook places, mashes them up with ACS data to give the user a demographic profile of the places they frequent.

Maybe add some social factors to show wherein the socio-economic spectrum they seem to identify.

Maybe turn it into a geocaching app that helps users identify other places that they might 'like'. Like a pandora of locations. The location genome project XD... more »


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Available on Android or iOS: City or country? Bike or drive to work? Beach or mountains? Download the U.S. Census Bureau’s dwellr app today to discover the top 25 U.S. cities and towns that best fit your lifestyle. Whether you prefer the bright lights of the big city or wide open spaces, dwellr powers your phone with neighborhood-level statistics on topics such as home value, education, and how people get to work so that... more »


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