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Formatting of SF1 Table IDs?

I'm trying to look at tables from the SF1 and I've noticed they don't seem to follow a consistent format. The ACS ID consistently use tableID-underscore-variable number. For SF1 variables I was under the impression that it worked similarly, because in the examples, the query for total population (for which the table ID is 'P001') uses the ID 'P0010001' or what I thought was Table P001 plus cell ID 0001. However I'm trying... more »


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Bugs / Problems

In 1990 sf1, missing variable Amer Ind/Esk/Aleut Males 12-13 yrs

In the first 1990 census table, there is no variable for Amer Ind/Esk/Aleut Males 12-13 yrs. In the age by race and gender group, the variables skip from P0120131 to P0120133, so presumably P0120132 is the missing age range. Using the variable in the data call results in an unknown variable error.


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