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Access Micro-data for Blocks

I'm working on a school project with 2010 Census data.

Currently, we are getting tract-level data using codes from to get data.

For example, to find the white 65-year old males in a county's tracts, we make the API call:[key]&get=PCT012I068,NAME&for=tract:*&in=state:08+county:059

However, when making the same call at a block... more »


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Bugs / Problems

more than four variables?

I can't seem to get more than four variables to return.

When I run this query:{key}&get=B08101_017E,B08101_017M,B08101_025E,B08101_025M,B08101_033E,B08101_033M,B08101_041E,B08101_041M&for=tract:*&in=state:41+county:005

I get an error like this:
error: error: unknown variable 'B08101_033E,B08101_033M,B08101_041E,B08101_041M'

When I run the query with only the first four variables... more »


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Feature Requests

Add GET parameter for tables

There is a limit of 50 variables in a GET. So, I can understand, sort of, the need to limit, but many of your tables have more than 50 cells. For example: [ACSSF, B04001, 0006, , 7, 109 CELLS, , FIRST ANCESTRY REPORTED, Ancestry], has 109 cells, and if I want to get Estimates plus Margin of Errors I need to get 218 variables. So, why not accept a table number parameter instead? It would make the calls much easier and... more »


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