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High Risk/Vulnerable Individuals

To help local governments better plan for disaster recovery for their residents, it would helpful to know which areas contained high risk/vulnerable individuals. These individuals might include the elderly, small children, disabled individuals, those who are language isolated, and those who do not have access to a vehicle. Creation of heat maps, or other visualizations of these populations can help emergency management... more »


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Visualizing CFPB and Census Data

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I am working on analyzing CFPB Consumer Complaint database with help from census data to better understand what type of financial products consumers are having trouble with. Census data helps break down what type of consumers are having what type of issues.


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Population Pyramid for Zip Code



I'm new to using the API and was wondering if you have seen examples of using the API to retrieve data needed to build a population pyramid for population of a zip code.


If there are no examples, I would like to build it with a team and add it to the forum for public use. Let me know if you want to collaborate.




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