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Bugs / Problems

Error in Census 2010 API document ?

Hi All,

I believe that the Census 2010 API documentation ( has an error for the table: P12A. Sex By Age (White Alone).

It appears that both P012A026 and P012A049 are attributed as Female: !! 85 years and over.

I believe that P012A026 should be 'Female' (as in the total of all females.

BTW - I have *not* checked the data as of yet. The data could be correct with... more »


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Bugs / Problems

Not receiving any email in response to api key request

Over the last two days, I submitted a request for an Census API key at


The website says to expect an email after a few minutes, but I've never received any email about how to activate an API key. (Yes, I've checked my spam folder.)


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Bugs / Problems

Error when querying with census tract blocks


I'm trying to run the following query:[key]&get=B00001_001E&for=block:2001&in=state:04+county:015+tract:954900

I get the error message, "There was an error while running your query. We've logged the error and we'll correct it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience."

If I run the same query but just use the census tract, it works, but if possible I would like to be able to... more »


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