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API key not valid

I've had an API key for weeks and just got back to my project after doing some other work. I get this error when I make a query that used to work:


"A valid key must be included with each data API request.

You included a key with this request, however, it is not valid.

Please check your key and try again.'


Any thoughts?


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Bugs / Problems

"Get" argument for API call: is there a length limitation?

I have an API request where the get argument that works is "P0030001,P0030002,P0030003,P0030004". However, I wanted to get all available names in that concept, which in total is a list of 8 elements "P0030001,P0030002,P0030003,...P0030008".


This request fails with error "unknown variable 'P0030005,P0030006,P0030007,P0030008"


Is there a limit on the length for the GET argument?