Census Bureau's
Social Media/Web 2.0 Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy notice is to inform visitors how the Census Bureau respects your privacy on our third-party social media and Web 2.0 (SM/Web 2.0) sites. You are currently visiting a third-party SM/Web 2.0 site. This site is not an official government website and the Census Bureau's privacy policy does not apply. When visiting a third-party's SM/Web 2.0 site, the third party's privacy policy applies.

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. The Census Bureau does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) about you when you visit any of our SM/Web 2.0 sites, nor do we retrieve, store or track any PII through the use of web cookies or other web measurement or customization technologies. This SM/Web 2.0 site is a public forum and any information provided in comments may be publicly available. The Census Bureau does not collect or retain comments posted on our SM/Web 2.0 sites in our records.

The Census Bureau has no affiliation or involvement with the third-party's SM/Web 2.0 privacy policy. You can view the third-party's privacy policy by visiting their website. For official Census Bureau information, or to learn more about the Census Bureau's privacy policy, please visit our official website at www.census.gov.

Census Bureau
Social Media Channels Comment Policy

Census Bureau Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels allow visitors to interact with the agency and others, and encourage visitors to freely comment and give welcomed feedback. We encourage your comments. Your ideas and concerns are important to us because we want you as an active participant in our programs and to be well informed about how the Census Bureau's work gets done.

Visitor-generated comments made on any and all Census Bureau social media channels become public domain.

We also want to publish your comments, but we expect conversations to follow the conventions of polite discourse. Therefore, we moderate social media; meaning that all comments are subject to review. In our review process, we try to remove any objectionable content.

Objectionable content includes but is not limited to:

  • > Abusive or vulgar language
  • > Offensive or threatening language
  • > Personal attacks of any kind against any individual or group
  • > Spam
  • > Links to any off-topic site
  • > Off-topic statements
  • > Advertising and/or other endorsements about products, businesses, individuals, or parties

Any comment with specific allegations of misconduct will be removed and referred to the appropriate authorities.

We will not post any comment that contains personally identifiable information (PII):

  • > Email address
  • > Employer identification number
  • > Business address
  • > Personal address
  • > Phone number